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Multivitamins for Women Q&A

Multivitamins for Women Q&A

Does every woman need supplementation?

The easiest answer definitely would be both yes and no, but…two points cry out to be made:

  1. Although multivitamins and supplementation may not be necessary for everyone, their usage is highly recommended because
  2. They offer numerous long-term benefits for health and wellness, especially for women, who are generally exposed to stress in a greater extent, since they carry multiple burden of expectation, balancing career, family duties, personal fulfilment and trying to meet certain beauty standards.

Multivitamins strengthen your body’s capacity to respond to everyday challenges. They cannot replace proper nutrition nor medication (in case you need it for any reason), but supplements are a strong ally when it comes to fighting oxidative stress (link to the part of general Q&A which addresses oxidative stress and free radicals). Smoking, alcohol consumption, anxiety, environmental pollution and the lack of sleep are all supportive factors in oxidative stress, which poses additional burden on women’s specifics needs and wants in terms of hormonal balance, fertility and pregnancy. Supplementation enables women to take control of their health and stability.

With countless supplements on the market today, how do I chose the right formula for me?

Those who follow certain diets which require excluding one or more food groups, vegetarians and vegans*, persons with poor appetite particularly need a multivitamin formula that contains magnesium, echinacea, vitamin C, vitamin B complex to protect nervous and immune system. These nutrients are indispensable for general health independently of your gender. Men’s Multivitamin formula is intended for men, even though it can be used by women who are not pregnant or lactating. Women’s Multivitamin Advanced Formula is specifically aimed at improving women’s condition and helping resolve health problems prevalent in women (osteoporosis, bone health, heart disease) or dealing with conditions that affect women only – pregnancy, menstrual cramps and irregularities, polycystic ovary syndrome.

Nutrients crucial for women of all ages are folic acid, calcium and vitamin D. Our Women’s Multivitamin Advanced Formula offers you a comprehensive, highly concentrated vitamin/mineral/trace element supplement which supplies your organism with the natural materials it needs on a daily-basis.

*The product was designed to fill the nutritional gaps for which vegetarian or vegan diet may be a causative or supportive factor, but it is still 100% natural product suitable both for vegans and vegetarians.

What are the major benefits of folic acid, calcium and vitamin D for women’s health?

Folic acid, calcium and vitamin D are key nutrients for women, whether you are teenagers, adult, child-bearing or experiencing menopause. During pregnancy women’s body needs folic acid for baby’s normal nervous system development and function. Regarding vitamin D, during pregnancy your body needs it to maintain adequate levels of calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for building your baby’s teeth and bones. What’s more, recent studies show that vitamin D deficiency may lead to a higher risk of pregnancy complications.

Independently of whether you are planning to become pregnant in your lifetime or not, folic acid is essential for your blood cells and nervous system. It contributes to the reproduction and normal metabolism of red blood cells, but it also fortifies your nervous cells, diminishing the chance of developing mental disorders, especially depression. Also, folic acid stimulates generation of red blood cells, thus preventing anemia. For women who experience menopause folic acid, studies have shown, may reduce the risk of developing hypertension, high blood pressure, which is connected to the decline in estrogen in menopausal women.

While calcium intake is extremely important for women’s bone health at all life stages, this mineral is also a vital electrolyte which is sometimes lost in the sweat from hot flashes and night sweats. Calcium intake during menopause helps you reduce the intensity of hot flashes.

Vitamin D is a women’s health lifelong support and on the A-list during menopause. Numerous studies are showing a link between vitamin D and prevention of cancer – colon and breast cancer especially, diseases which are frequent or prevalent in women. Also, it has many benefits for women who experience menopause. When estrogen begins to decline, women have the same risks for heart disease as men. Vitamin D plays a role in the prevention of heart disease and in high blood pressure reduction. Healthy bones, hydrated skin and balanced mood are attainable with vitamin D supplementation during every stage of womanhood.


But what about menstrual cramps and irregularities?

Women’s Multivitamin Advanced Formula also contains powerful extracts full of antioxidants which may help you deal with painful periods which affect young women mostly. Wild yam, echinacea, goldenseal root and red clover extracts may help reduce pain and attain hormonal balance.

Other benefits

All antioxidant extracts within Women’s Multivitamin Advanced Formula are helpful when trying to lose some weight, because they incite your blood flow and boost your metabolism. Besides, green tea extract and vitamin A, for example, give you a glowing and moisturized skin as well.

Choose the formula that prioritizes your health!

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